The Perfect Human Diet TM

CJ Hunt, Broadcast Journalist, Producer and Host with over twenty years in broadcasting, voice overs, television, live events, and is the author of two books on diet and health.  The documentary evolved from his true-life story, beginning in 1978 when paramedics brought Mr. Hunt back to life at the age of 24 after suffering a full cardiac arrest while jogging. This incident evoked an intense passion to find out how we can all achieve longer, healthier and happier lives and then share that information with others.

George ThompsonGeorge A. Thompson, Vice President and Managing Director of Hunt Thompson Media, L.L.C., has over 20 years of senior management experience in not-for-profit arts organizations.  His direct experience in strategic planning, budget development and stewardship, project management and marketing make him an invaluable part of the core team for the project.